Wednesday, July 17, 2024

These Are The 7 Cutest Marijuana Grinders On Amazon

Before ever using the mostly standard three compartment model of grinder, I was using scissors, a mortar and pestle, my fingers, and generally wasting both kief and time. So unversed in the ease of using one I was, that I now realize I had been accidentally smoking everyone’s kief because I thought it all came from the nugget I just ground up. My bad everyone.

Now that I have entered the future and left the Stone Age of weed grinding, I consider myself an ambassador to other dorks out there. For quick and convenient flower grinding in the cutest possible packaging, as well as kief collection, look no further than the all convenient interwebs.

Dragon Ball Z Grinder

Photo via Rocket Spices Mills/Amazon

To triumph in the epic battle against poorly ground nugs, enlist the help of this, a fandom favorite turned fine tuned flower processor.

Death Star

Photo via Official/Amazon

This is probably the greatest use of Death Star imagery I have ever seen. Nug killer base reporting for duty!


Photo via Masterdam Rolling Supplies/Amazon

If you’re going to go basic at least do it in style. This model is zinc free if you are sensitive, and is equipped with an extra high quality kief mesh.

Chromium Crusher

Photo via Chromium Crusher/Amazon

This petite and also zinc free model is a real looker. It goes perfectly with any rave-throwback accessories, which is now on it’s own bonafide second wave.


Photo via Swagstr/Amazon

Faded, how about you? This is cheeky and extra girthy at 2.5 inches.


Photo via Herb Life/Amazon

One of the latest Drake songs “Yes Indeed” featuring Lil Baby has an amazing Pikachu reference, and that’s more than enough reason to grab this grinder so you can summer jam with it.

One Ring

Photo via Lionhead/Amazon

And in case I didn’t hit the some of the most important smokers in fandom, look no further than this Lord Of The Rings unofficial pipeweed grinder. This is likely how Gandalf grinds the ‘finest weed in the South Farthing’ that he scoops from the Shire.

This is just the tip of the grinder iceberg. I bet there is even a titanium Titanic grinder or some even weirder tchotchkes to find if you dig deep. The beauty of grabbing it from big A is that you can order this gear alongside normal purchases, not the case for most cannabis gear, including electronic vape batteries and supplies, which they do not sell.

Get one, get them all, but you should definitely get your favorite, whatever you think constitutes a cute grinder, don’t use your hands like I did. I want to use the time stone to get all of those wasted moments back and buy an Avengers themed grinder.


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