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This Grow Box Company Is Trying To Lure Hip Hop Artists

Israel, though still not legalized, remains one of the most important cannabis hubs on the planet. It is a global leader in cannabis research, it allows for some medical usages of the plant and has decriminalized it for first and second time offenders. Israel also leads the way in innovative cannabis products and their heady promotion.

Take the company Seedo for example. They’re basically a grow box company with special standouts, like imitating the optimal light spectrum and replicating the proper light vs. dark times in a perfectly contained ecosystem that provides everything your plants need at just the right times.

Now Seedo has developed a fully automated device that uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) to grow plants with precision. But their real goal? Securing some well-known rappers from the U.S. to promote the automated grow boxes.

Seedo told The Media Line that although they couldn’t reveal the names as of yet, “We are working with Interscope Records and are now in the process of [negotiating] with hip hop artists who will represent our company in the U.S. and Canada. Hip hop artists are recognized as supporters of the cannabis industry and they are familiar with it.”

The boxes themselves are award worthy. They come in closed-systems so that they use very little water and keep insects and pathogens at bay. Seedo also makes the incredible claim that the cost of what’s yielded is 30 percent less than “any other technology in the world.”

The grow box also takes care of little problems that were once expected with this type of machine. For example, for its compact size, it has a hefty little CO2 production system that assists with photosynthesis. It also has a smell-proof drying system that takes place inside the machine.

The app, however, may be the most impressive part about the entire package. It comes with tried and true growth recipes or allows you to build your own. It locks and unlocks the Seedo door for safety’s sake no matter where you are. It lets you upload photos and share them with your network. And should heaven forbid something go wrong, it alerts you immediately.

The Seedo journey has taken four years to get where it is and start shipping products. With cutting edge A.I., a complete control app, safety standards put in place, the only “work” that need be done is to trim when you get up to 5 plants at a time and an upcoming hip hop campaign, Seedo is set to become the next big thing in discrete, turnkey home-growing for the busy professional.



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