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See The Couple That Got Married In Las Vegas Weed Dispensary

Las Vegas is the land of elopers. Whether it’s a hot-blooded romance requiring a passionate display of affection or long-gestating dream between partners, many a marriage has occurred within the confines of Sin City. Due to the sheer quantity of nuptials, virtually every Las Vegas wedding has happened nearly dozens of times. In a Las Vegas weed dispensary, though?

Yet change begets opportunity. Thanks to very recent recreational marijuana legalization, Las Vegas is embracing the green. One couple took advantage of that situation by getting hitched within a giant greenhouse facility of Las Vegas’s biggest marijuana dispensaries.

So when Mark and Anna Balfe-Taylor said “I do,” marijuana plants and grow lights were their witnesses. Instead of a typical pocket square, Mark rocked some bud as decoration.

“Mark asked me, and I had to think about it, and no. I support it. I think it’s great,” Anna described their unique marriage proposal.

Marijuana legalization became an important issue for Mark Balfe-Taylor because his father was jailed for a cannabis-related crime. He is adamant in his support of allowing individuals the rights they deserve with regards to cannabis.

“It’s about the freedom to have choice on a substance that is harmless if they want,” he says.

The newlyweds confessed (on camera) they won’t partake in consuming marijuana to celebrate, as it remains a federal offense.

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