Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Did Kim Kardashian Really Cook This Jamaican Feast?

When Kim Kardashian Snapchatted the Jamaican feast she allegedly cooked all by herself on Sunday, social media clapped back, as it does.

Some are questioning the word “taught” here. Did your nanny really teach you how to cook all of this, Kim?

Dish #1: Collard Greens

The issue people had with this dish is that it looks a bit on the dry side.

“This food look dry as a camel asshole in a wind storm.” — @bluepanda._productions

Dish #2: Mac & Cheese and Rice & … Beans?

Again, nope. Kim likely meant rice and (black eyed) peas, which are actually traditional. Beans, not so much.

But guess what? Absolutely none of that mattered when the dinner bell rang.

But also, where’s Kris Jenner’s plate? Or is she just, like, the entertainment?


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