Thursday, September 24, 2020
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The KandyPens Rubi Is Discreet And Packs A Punch

Those new to legal cannabis can be overwhelmed by the hundreds of vape pens on the market these days. For those looking for an affordable, discreet and simple option, the KandyPens Rubi is a great option.

The Rubi is a sleek and ultra-light portable vaporizer that uses e-liquid, which you can buy in most retail stores. The device is also relatively inexpensive, retailing for $49.95. What makes the Rubi desirable is that it is an “open system,” meaning that you can use any e-liquid or light oil. The consumer is not trapped by purchasing a proprietary cartridge or refill pod.

Another convenience of the Rubi is that it can be charged with the basic USB port instead of its own special charging system. Just plug the device into your laptop or other USB-supported device and you’re good to go. The battery is comparatively small, so it’s wise to charge the Rubi once a day, depending on your personal use. (We was able to get about 50 draws per charge.)

With the Rubi, the user has complete control of how large of a dose you want per dose. For those seeking the “full-lung experience,” simply take a deep draw on the rectangular-shaped pen. If you want a smaller, more discreet hit, place your thumb over the carb hole and take a shorter draw.

These new mini-vapes hitting the market are designed for consumers on the go and who prefer to be a bit more modest in their use. For parents who prefer to keep their use away from their children, the Rubi is perfect. For entry-level cannabis consumers looking for an affordable first vape pen, we recommend giving this one a shot.

We’re not a huge fans of nicotine e-liquid,  but the Rubi works with any e-liquid on the market. The versatility alone makes the $49.95 price tag more than a bargain.


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