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Blowing Smoke: Vape Sales Increase 400% In California

Vape pens have become about as ubiquitous as earbuds in some parts of the nation. In California, one study suggests that sales of vaporizer cartridges grew from a modest 6 percent in 2015 to 24 percent in 2o16 — a 400 percent annual increase.

This surprising data comes from a report released titled Eaze Insights: 2016 State of Cannabis Data Report.

Eaze, a three-year-old California company that delivers medical marijuana in under 20 minutes, released its second annual report on Wednesday using data from more than 250,000 cannabis consumers on the Eaze platform and over 5,000 survey respondents.

And there appears to be no stopping this hot cannabis trend.

The technology behind these devices have improved exponentially over the past two years with safer materials and more efficient production techniques. Even with the augmented quality, the price for these devices have remained relatively stable.

As the popularity of vaporizing soars, sales of dried flower is slowing. According to the report, flower went from 75 percent of total sales in 2015 to 54 percent in 2016.

Also, according to Eaze data, in 2015, less than 5 percent of deliveries contained a vaporizer cartridge. In 2016, that number increased to 20 percent. In 2015, only 7 percent of people had ordered a vaporizer cartridge on the Eaze platform. By the end of 2016, 31 percent had ordered a vaporizer cartridge – a 429 percent year-over-year jump.

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