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Vegans Rejoice: Introducing Grape Leather And Why It Matters

Sooner than later, some of your favorite clothing items and accessories could be made with grape leather. And no, not that kind you ate as a kid. This new adult grape leather is made from the byproduct of Italian wine making — the stems, skins, etc. that are usually burned and dumped into landfills, creating all sorts of harmful environmental effects.

According to Refinery29, H&M recently granted 300,000 Euros to the researcher behind grape leather, Rosa Rosella Longobardo, in their effort to become climate positive by 2040. Longobardo worked in conjunction with a Milan-based architect named Gianpiero Tessitore, the brainchild of Wineleather, who is going to officially launch the product in Milan this October.

Tessitore says the wine by-product (known as marc) is free, while the necessary machinery already exists, helping to make large scale wine-leather production a competitive alternative to skin.

That means wine leather can be used in car interiors and anywhere else real leather is often found. Drink wine. Save the animals.



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