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Using Marijuana With Your Partner Can Increase Intimacy

Not a lot of studies have been conducted on personal marijuana use, much less about the plant’s effect on couples. Legalization and an evolving marijuana culture has opened up the industry to more studies, giving scientists and researchers the chance to examine the plant more thoroughly by looking into the effect it has on people and relationships.

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A study published in the Cannabis journal claims that, unlike alcohol, cannabis has a positive effect on couples when consumed together, increasing the odds of intimacy and providing more opportunities for bonding.

The study collected data from 183 married or co-habitating couples, all of them claiming to be active marijuana users. Authors of the study asked the couples to monitor their cannabis intake for a period of 30 days, having participants report their experiences through their smartphones before and after consuming cannabis. Couples were also asked to write a brief report each morning, indicating whether they’d consumed marijuana, if they’d had an intimate experience with their significant other, and specifying the time of this interaction. The study’s definition of intimate experiences was wide, ranging from meaningful conversations to interactions that expressed love, support and care.

After the 30 days passed and participants’ input on the study concluded, researchers analyzed the data and found that smoking cannabis increased the couples’ likelihood of having an intimate experience, especially within two hours of consuming the plant. This increased intimacy remained even if only one member of the couple used marijuana, disproving other studies that claim that personal drug use adds stress on the relationship.

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In order to comprehend the full extent of marijuana’s influence on relationships and intimacy, more studies need to be conducted, particularly ones that focus on larger samples of couples that monitor them over longer periods of time. This isn’t the first time that marijuana has been associated positively with relationships; many call the plant an aphrodisiac and a study claims that it improves sex and the likelihood of orgasms.


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