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Vaping Essential Oils Is A Thing And Here’s How To Do It

Nowadays, new vape companies are popping up faster than you can blow smoke. Pot pundits are inundated with products and occasionally, a true innovation is innocently discovered and authentically advocated, rather than touted by an “influencer.” MONQ, a company out of Tennessee, makes portable essential oil diffusers that look like sexy e-sticks, and are designed for vaping essential oils, distilled from herbs.

Seth Stevenson wrote on Slate,”Vaporizers heat your ‘herbal material.’ This euphemism pops up in all public vape discussions; but let’s be honest, very few of us are jazzed about huffing lavender.”

Well, actually, bro, thousands of MONQ users are jazzed about “huffing lavender,” and coriander, cinnamon, and turmeric too.

Technically, MONQ’s products are intended to be inhaled through the mouth and out through the nose, not into the lungs, so they hit the body’s olfactory receptors.

They come in scrumptious scents like frankincense, ylang-ylang and sweet orange for feeling Zen or jasmine, lime and patchouli for feeling Sexy.

Dr. Eric Fishman, MONQ’s founder, is a retired orthopedic surgeon. He met MONQ’s wholesale manager, Rea Royer, five years ago in yoga class. Six months later, MONQ was born. Their company’s philosophy stemmed from an East meets West approach. As a doctor of Western medicine, Eric is also interested in the healing power of essential oils and terpenes.

Rea, who is based in Florida, has all the effervescent cheerfulness of a So Cal baby. “Our Science department is from Vanderbilt University,” she said. “They are really smart hippies,” she giggled.

Her email signature says, “love and light.” It is easy to imagine her puffing on a Love Monq, while reading her email.

MONQ used to get calls from over 20 vape shops a day. Initially, Dr. Fishman was adamantly against selling to them, because, like any good doctor he didn’t want to encourage sales to smoke shops or minors. The head shops were persistent. Some were even menacing and threatened to stock cheap imitation brands instead.

“MONQ finally partnered with Greenlane for distribution. We have embraced the vapers. We have gotten positive feedback that our products are helpful for the cessation of smoking,” said Rea.

Even if wanting to quit smoking isn’t an issue, having access to personal aromatherapy, anytime, anywhere, is awesome.


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