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Get High And Watch Movies With Your New Internet BFFs

When you can’t find your real-life friends to watch a movie and get high with, do the next best thing: Watch movies and get high with strangers on the internet.

Trees Network launched in April 2014, but thanks to a mention in this week’s episode of Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik, a flood of new users logged in to join the viewing party.

They play everything “from nature documentaries to stoner video podcasts,” full-length movies from most any genre, as long as they’re hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. What everyone watches is picked from the /r/treesnetwork subreddit, where videos with 10 or more upvotes get the green light.

From their website:

Every video played on TTN is found and hosted on one of our supported services, such as YouTube. Every member of our community is encouraged to submit videos they like to our subreddit. Submissions with at least 10 upvotes will be played by a moderator at a suitable time.

To use Trees Network, you must abide by a few house rules: Participate in the chat instead of just kicking back and watching the video (for that, they say, use your own damn Netflix account), keep the NSFW talk out of the chat, never discuss hookups — although talking about legal establishments such as dispensaries or delivery services in legal locations is fine — and most importantly, “don’t be a dick.” That covers harassment, trolling, posting illegal or pirated links, and general assholery that would make it harder for the rest of the room to have fun.

From there, it’s fair game. Start a toke sesh by chatting “!toke” and grab your bowl or blunt for the countdown.

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