Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Weedstagram: ‘The High Circle’ Is The Least Political And Most Fun Cannabis Account To Follow

Instagram is home to all sorts of accounts (good and bad) that cater to a vast range of people with different interests. In order to help you weed out all the garbage, this column highlights the best Instagram marijuana accounts, whether that means they’re entertaining, informative, or just fun to look at.

The High Circle is pretty straightforward. It’s an Instagram account that won’t change the mind of the unconverted, posting images of weed and donuts (because they make such a great paring) and really big joints in the shape of planes. It’s plain fun for cannabis lovers who don’t want to think about legalization and politics. If you’re looking for some crazy joints and the fattest nugs you’ll ever see, you’ve found your place. Check out some our favorite posts!

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