Monday, March 27, 2023

WeWork Founder Sounds Bonkers, But He Sure Does Love Marijuana

Adam Neumann, CEO of the co-working giant WeWork, loves combining cannabis and flying, in ways that can get him in trouble.

Anyone involved in the worlds of start-up businesses, freelance working, or tech development know WeWork. The co-working office space has quickly established itself as central to getting things done in the world of movers and shakers. But a recent Wall Street Journal profile of its CEO Adam Neumann reads like a bonkers episode of Silicon Valley, as Gizmodo first noted.

Not only does Neumann wish to become the world’s first trillionaire and Israel’s prime minister, but also desires the ability to live forever, investing in anti-aging startups like Life Biosciences. According to one of the Journal’s source, Neumann has privately told those around him that if he was vying for any political office, however, it’d be the President of the World.

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On a far more relatable note, Neumann also loves smoking weed. Many friends report that WeWork’s chief is quite fond of consuming marijuana while flying. The difference, as the Journal notes, is that Neumann flies private. This pairing become problematic when Neumann took a trip with friends across the Atlantic recently.

Photo by SnoockyCookie via Pixabay

“After the group landed in Israel and left the plane, the flight crew found a sizable chunk of the drug stuffed in a cereal box for the return flight, according to people familiar with the incident,” the Journal writes. “The jet’s owner, upset and fearing repercussions of trans-border marijuana transport, recalled the plane, leaving Mr. Neumann to find his own way back to New York, these people said.”

There you have it: mega-rich CEOs can be just like the rest of us, forgetting where we placed our marijuana and paying the consequences. Something tells me he’ll be fine, though.



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