What Are Marijuana Distillates And How Do They Work?

This potent, concentrate could be the future of marijuana.

Marijuana distillates
Photo by ZombieFrieZ/Getty Images

Marijuana distillates have been referred to as the future of cannabis and as the ultimate form of pure concentration of the plant, providing a high like no other. They’re an exciting and new invention, but they’re also extremely potent and better suited for experienced users. The average cannabis flower has around 15-25 percent of THC while cannabis distillates can have a potency of up to 99 percent. Which is a lot.

The distillation process is simple, consisting of two steps in which they prep and clear the plant of all impurities. Firstly, the terpenes which are the oils responsible for the aroma and scent of the plant are removed. Then, the remaining lipids and solvents are separated from the product, leaving you with a clear distillate that contains only the most valuable and purest parts of cannabis.

This THC oil is meant to be used like other cannabis oils, in cartridges, edibles and tinctures and it can have medicinal and recreational purposes. These distillates have much more power than any other type of cannabis. 

Currently there are a couple of cannabis companies that sell their distillates, one of them is Bakked, which has oils with a potency of up to 97 percent and other options that are not as concentrated. Cannabis distillates are a growing and expanding business that’ll surely offer more options for the future of cannabis and that’ll open up more doors for the industry.

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