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What Are The Hot Trends To Consume Marijuana?

Most are cool with marijuana consuming – but what is the trend on how people are doing it?


We are all about the current and upcoming trends – whether is it tinned food dinner parties,  scrapped cooking, glitter & sequins, to moon parties…certain generations are obsessed.  About 55 million people use weed at least once a year in the US and Canada.  And over two-thirds believe marijuana should be legal and fully accept it, what is the trend for consuming?

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From age 21 to 100, using cannabis is almost as socially acceptable as drinking and way more popular than cigarette smoking…and now more people are doing it openly.  The days of locking yourself in the basement or sneaking outside to a corner of the yard are waning as people are using on walks, family events and public activities.  BDSA, a leading data company in the cannabis industry shared some insight on what is hot right now.

Flower still rules – for now

About 17% of people subscribed to a food meal kit delivery service. Of them, 90% referred others to the service to which they had subscribed.  Marijuana flower is the meal kit of the weed industry. According to BDSA, roughly 39% of all legal cannabis purchases are flower.  This represents $8.2+ billion in sales.  The number is over $10 billion when you add the black market.   With flower, you can consume in a variety of hand crafted way – joints, bongs, bowls, butter, etc.  Aficionados love it and it gives a personal pre-journey experience as you craft it exactly how you want.  Your own micro-production company at home.  Flower tends to be the go to a choice for experienced users who don’t mind the extra work and smell.

Vaping gains ground and is much more public

Continuing to gain ground not just in sales, but in public acceptance is vaping. Despite some hiccups like the Juul incident, vaping is increasing popular.  Owning 26+% of the legal market, vaping represents over $5.4 billion in sales.  The reason for the gaining ground and for it to be trending heavily?  New users love it and find it easy to use, discreet, the ability to control dosing, and very portable.  Another key reason is it eliminates most of the skunk smell around you – allowing appearances at public places like restaurants, black tie events, and weddings without calling attention to the user.  Cigarette companies have paid attention and the technology for all vape development includes ways to consume marijuana and cbd.  Nice joint technology you could say.

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Cannabis prerolls
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Edibles/ Beverages

Cannabis beverages are popular along with gummies, candies and even some food. But they come in third on trending representing 13% of market and almost $3 billion in legal sales.  Of course, this doesn’t count your aunt’s “special brownies”.  While they can be delicious, the issue is the time between ingesting and the start of the experience. Misdosing can also spoil it when you have a bit too much.

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With a retro vibe of whipping at a joint and taking a long puff, store bought pre-rolls own 11% of the market, around $2+ billion in legal sales.  We are going to puff, puff, pass on making an assumption of how they do in black market as joints are still the iconic imagery of marijuana use.

Oils, suppositories, and other ways fill in remaining amount of sales.  But with the growing acceptance, especially among the under 25 set that prefers cannabis over alochol, use and way to consume will only increase.



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