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What To Do If You Accidentally Get Too High At Christmas

One way to get through a large gathering of relatives, cheek pinches, politics at the table, prezzies for days and kids awaiting Santa Claus is to get pretty baked before the party. Just don’t overdo it, and if you do accidentally eat too much of that edible you’ve been saving for just such an occasion, here’s how to handle your high self.m

First of all, do some calm self talk. Not panicky, fast paced self-talk that amps you up and increases paranoia, but the kind where you’re gentle with yourself. Remind yourself that pot has never, ever, ever killed anyone and that this too shall pass. Remember that you signed up for the experience and you might as well enjoy it.

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So the Elf on a Shelf is staring you down? Look away. Try to keep your eyeballs open and elevated to still make eye contact. If anyone comments on your blazed eyes, just blame it on a tree allergy and if the tree is fake say you were up all night with Santa getting this party together. No matter what you say, brush it off.

Now if there are relatives there who are well aware of your pot use and either approve or disapprove, here’s how to navigate any backhanded comments: laugh, not too loud, not too soft, just a sincere chuckle and maybe a “you’re just jealous,” in a fun way. The smartest thing is to let go of little jabs and keep the party focused on the spirit of the holiday.

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Another way to handle it if there’s kids around is to immerse yourself into being the fun aunt or uncle. Play games, hide and seek, UNO, find a special ornament or, if you’re lucky enough to have a white Christmas, bundle everyone up and go into the yard to make a snowman to greet Santa and his reindeer. The fresh air will do you good, as will the massive distraction.

Do feel free to stuff your face. Don’t be gross, but eat to your heart’s content. The munchies are great in a too high situation when there’s a spread of food that fills a table. Then again, if your Christmas is more of a low key gathering of select family and friends, just remember the self-talk, to breathe normally and deeply and to remember that it only lasts a few hours. No matter how high you get at Christmas, it’s likely you’ve been as high if not higher before: you’ve got this.


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