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What’s A ‘Canna-Cure’ And Why Is It Beneficial?

After a long day of work, there’s nothing better than making an appointment to get a relaxing manicure and pedicure. You just pick a color, sit back in a comfy massage chair, and then let someone else pamper you. What tops that?

Well, if you want to take the pampering up to the next level, it’s time to sign up for a CBD-enhanced mani/pedi called a “canna-cure.” Nail salons and spas in several states are now offering CBD packages and customers are flocking to try them.

Don’t just think this is another beauty trend, though. There are true benefits to adding CBD to your mani/pedi. Here’s why you’ll want to try it ASAP.

Soak your aching hands and feet


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Walking around in heels, typing over a laptop all day, and running and playing other sports can amount to achy hands and feet after a while. If you live with arthritis or another autoimmune condition, you are no stranger to pain in your hands and feet, either. Enter a CBD main/pedi. During a canna-cure, you’ll soak your hands and feet for several minutes in warm water that’s been infused with a CBD bath bomb. The CBD is anti-inflammatory, which means your foot and finger pain will hopefully be reduced after the soak.  Plus the warm water reduces swelling and can help with tension and stress, too.

Continue with more CBD goodness


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After your soak, most canna-cures will include either a CBD sugar scrub or CBD lotion applied to your hands and feet. Both will warm when rubbed onto your calves and hands. You’ll shed dead skin cells after the scrub. That means your skin will get a new breath of life. Plus the CBD will be applied more directly into the skin than it was with the soak, so you’ll feel its effects even more.

You’ll leave feeling calmer than you came

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Some canna-cure salons will also offer CBD-infused treats when you sit down, like CBD bubbly water and/or some CBD chocolate. Assuming you’ll be eating these at the beginning of your appointment, and the effects of the topical products can take about an hour, you will leave feeling more relaxed than when you came in. Most appointments take about an hour to an hour and a half. Depending on your stress level, that extra calm may be worth the extra price tag! (Most canna-cures can run you an extra $20-$25 vs. a regular mani/pedi.)



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