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Yes Please! Someone Donated A Cooler Filled With Marijuana To Goodwill

Most of us go to Goodwill to donate — or buy — vintage clothing, used furniture, old books and the like. Marijuana? Not so much.

Last week, employees at the Goodwill in Monroe, Wash., a suburb north of Seattle, discovered a cooler filled with 3.75 pounds of bagged cannabis.


The Monroe Police Department’s Twitter account displayed a smiling officer with the illegal stash with the obvious statement: “Employees [were] surprised when they opened the lid.”

According to Monroe police, the 3.75 pounds of pot had an estimated street value of $24,000.

Police and Goodwill are looking at the surveillance video in an effort to capture the person who made the “donation.” Although cannabis is legal in the state of Washington, the legal maximum possession amount is one ounce. The cooler’s contents was 60 times the legal limit.

“There are many people on social media claiming it’s theirs,” said Debbie Willis of the Monroe Police Department, “but we have yet to have one walk through the door.”

Did the person who dropped off the cooler know the marijuana was in there? Hard to know. But Katherine Boury, a spokesperson for Goodwill, offered this advice: “This is a reminder to check your purse, pockets, or cooler to make sure you’re donating the items you mean to.”

What will happen to the weed? “It’s sitting in our evidence, waiting yearly burn of that type of evidence.” Willis said.

This is not the most unusual donation to the Monroe Goodwill facility, according to Boury.

“In 2013, three human skulls were found,” she told CNN. She said that two of the skulls had been used for medical research, and one Native American skull that was more than 100 years old. “We worked with authorities to track down the origin of the Native American skull for proper burial,” she said.

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