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WATCH: Alien Cake Is The Only Way Parents Should Do Gender...

Pink and blue balloons? Colored lasagna? Gender-less aliens bursting from cakes is where it's at.

What Are Those Mysterious Radio Signals Coming From Deep Space?

The journal Nature reports that these fast radio bursts (FRBs) have only been recorded once, giving ammo to believers of alien life.

Scientists Say This Mysterious Asteroid Could Actually Be An Alien Spacecraft

This interstellar object known as Oumuamua was first spotted about a year ago by the Haleakala Observatory in Hawaii.

The FBI Almost Cancelled The ‘X-Files’ Because It Was Too Close...

Fictional FBI agents Mulder and Scully faced mutants, aliens, and all matter of paranormal scary things on a weekly basis on "The X-Files."

American Airlines Pilot Claims UFO Flew Over His Aircraft

Two pilots from different airlines reported an unidentified flying object hovering over them as they were flying over southern Arizona.

WATCH: People Are Convinced That A UFO Crashed Into Antartica

Thanks to Google Earth images, UFO hunters - that's a thing - are convinced an alien spaceship recently crashed on an island near Antartica.

GOP Candidate Claims She Was Abducted By Aliens Who Look Like...

Betina Rodriguez Aguilera, a republican congressional candidate from Florida, claims she was abducted by three aliens, two men and one woman, that reminded her of Jesus Christ.

These People Believe Earth Is Hollow, Filled With Aliens And Nazis

There's a growing number of conspiracy theorists who believe that the world is not only hollow, but filled with everything from aliens to Nazis to the lost Viking colonies of Greenland.

Formerly Of Blink-182, Tom DeLonge To Build A Spaceship And Discover...

Tom Delonge cares more about aliens than he does music. It led him to quit Blink-182 and instead focus on aliens and conspiracy theories.

Florida Congressional Candidate Claims To Speak With Aliens

Your left or right leaning views aside, possible candidates for various political positions have been appearing in some unorthodox locations as of late.