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Guess Which Country Smokes The Most Weed In The World

According to the Global Drug Survey, this country smokes the most weed in the world, with one third reporting using pot at least 300 days of the past year.

How To Make A Quick and Fancy Cannabis Asparagus Tart

There’s a case to be made for keeping store bought puff pastry on hand. And this cannabis asparagus tart makes a mighty fine case.

Inside The Stupendous Cannabis Beauty Product Boom

Celebrities continue to enter the cannabis space, and now there is a cannabis beauty product boom that is unlike anything we have ever seen.

These 6 Celebrities Use Marijuana For Medicinal Purposes

Marijuana can help people when used for medicinal purposes, and in some cases save their lives.

Legal Marijuana Purchases Available In Vegas Next Month

Vegas’ idea to use its medical marijuana market to temporarily service the recreational crowd is supposed to launch sometime within the next month.

The Obama Administration Wanted To Decriminalize Marijuana

Obama Administration wanted to dramatically shift the federal marijuana policy, but backed off for political reasons. They could have decriminalized weed.

Why Maryland’s Medical Marijuana Program Is At A Standstill

According to the Baltimore Sun, Circuit Judge Barry Williams ruled that the process of issuing medical marijuana growing licenses in Maryland be halted.

8 Of The Weirdest Marijuana Products You’ll Ever Find

While cannabis is no longer as taboo as it used to be, some of the crazy has stuck around. Here are 10 of the weirdest cannabis products we could find.

Meet The Marijuana Couture Company Rihanna Adores

Meet the marijuana couture brand ASCHE Industries, a modern cannabis smoking accoutrement and small leather goods line born out of New York’s fashion scene.

Orlando’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Will Open Friday

Orlando is set to welcome its first licensed medical marijuana dispensary this Friday – providing patients with access to low-THC cannabis products.