Friday, September 25, 2020


Texas Man Gets Ridiculous Sentence For Marijuana Bust

This guy could live the rest of his days behind bars for selling marijuana. David Lopez received life sentencing June 2 on possession charges.

ACLU Suing Cali City For Not Allowing Residents To Get High

The ACLU filed a lawsuit against the City of Fontana for effectively preventing residents the rights granted to them by Proposition 64.

Texas Marijuana Reform Is In Big Trouble

Although Texas marijuana reform advocates had high hopes of seeing at least one measure passed this year, things don't look good.

A Look At The Massachusetts Dispensary Selling Marijuana Pizza

A Massachusetts dispensary is taking marijuana edibles in a new direction and thought of marijuana pizza fills us with joy.

11 Yoga Poses That Are Magic When You’re High

Marijuana can enhance meditation, and relax muscles and joints so you can explore deeper yoga poses; it can make your time on the mat more centered.

7 Stunning Marijuana Accessories You Might Not Know About

Hit the town in style and declare your love for cannabis with some (or all!) of these fab marijuana accessories.

Marijuana Microdosing: What Is It And How Do I Do It?

Is today's weed stronger than what was available a generation ago? Yes. Are today's cannabis-infused edibles more potent? Yes.For many proponents of prohibition, the positive answers to these questions provide proof that marijuana is more dangerous than ever before. For...

New Jersey Candidate For Governor: Legalize It!

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Phil Murphy accepted his party's nomination Tuesday night and promised in his victory speech to shed many of the policies of the Chris Christie era — including the legalization of marijuana."People in New Jersey are demanding change and I...

Marijuana 101: A Simple Guide To Smoking Your First Bowl

Welcome to Marijuana 101: Smoking a bowl is the simplest and most common way of consuming, but are you doing it correctly? Follow the bouncing ball.

Will The DOJ’s New Marijuana Task Force Kill Legal Weed?

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is still waiting for a marijuana task force to submit a review of federal marijuana policy.

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