Friday, August 14, 2020


Loudcloud App Will Streamline How You Buy Medical Marijuana

Loudcloud, a California-based tech company, hopes to streamline the system with a new phone app scheduled to launch in January 2017.

What Jeff Sessions As Attorney General Means For Legal Marijuana

Alabama Sen. Jefferson Beauregard "Jeff" Sessions III — who claimed that "good people don't smoke marijuana" — is Donald Trump's choice to be the Attorney General.Sessions, who has served Alabama as a senator for two decades, is one of the most...

What Track And Trace Will Mean For Your Legal California Marijuana

We can all celebrate: Legal California marijuana, is now a reality following a successful vote on Proposition 64. Now it’s time for the real work.Leading up to January 1st, 2018--mark your calendars--the day when legal recreational cannabis will...

Pay for Marijuana Without Using Cash? CanPay Is An App For That

If you're lucky enough to live in a state where marijuana is legal, walking into a well-lit, clean retail store and buying a few grams of cannabis and maybe an edible is so, well, civilized and convenient. But the...

The Emerald Exchange: Inside A Cannabis Farmer’s Market

Like most people, I grew up with food bought from a vast supermarket. Then, farmer’s markets began to pop up everywhere. They may have always been there, but in recent years they’ve become part of our every-day routine, growing...

Marijuana’s Hot Investing Opportunity? It’s Real Estate

November has been a game-changing month for the cannabis industry, in both political and financial circles.On Election Day, four states approved recreational marijuana for adult consumption and four other states voted yes on medical marijuana programs. It was a clear,...

Denver Becomes First City in U.S. To Allow Marijuana In Bars

It's official: Denver will become the first city in the United States to legalize the use of marijuana in social settings such as bars, cafes and restaurants.Residents of the Mile High City voted in favor of Initiative 300, a measure that...

Texas To Decriminalize Marijuana In 2017? A Breakdown Of The Plan

Here's a shocker: Texas lawmakers are fighting to decriminalize marijuana next year. Yes, Texas.The American South — and Texas in particular — has always been a bit late to the party when it comes to marijuana legislation and enforcement....

5 Amazing Munchies From Around The World That You Need To Try Right Now

Sure, Funyons dipped in peanut butter are weirdly delicious. But if you plan to commit to the munchie-munching lifestyle, you’re going to need to broaden your horizons. How broad are we talking? Thai street snacks, for starters. Read on...

5 Rolling Papers For Every Kind Of Smoker In The Universe

It has been almost 300 years since the first rolling papers were introduced to the world and since then the options grown to the point where they almost seem endless. From invisible papers to flavored ones, those who like...

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California May Ban Flavored Cannabis Vapes

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