Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Recreational Marijuana: Canada To Set Marijuana Age Limit At 18?

A special marijuana task force appointed by the Canadian government presented on Tuesday a clear path for full recreational legalization. The bold recommendations include an age restriction of 18 and a possession limit of 30 grams.

Colorado: Surpasses $1 Billion In Marijuana Sales In Just 10 Months

It took just 10 months for Colorado to hit $1 billion in legal marijuana sales this year.

Colombian President’s Nobel Peace Prize Speech A Call To Rethink War on Drugs

On Saturday, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos used his acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize to criticize the war on drugs and call for alternative strategies. In front of a distinguished audience in Oslo, Norway, President Santos lamented...

Good News: The 115th Congress Will Form A Cannabis Caucus

Up until now, meaningful marijuana policy has been handled by state legislators. But beginning next year, the U.S. Congress will get a little more serious about doing something at the federal level.Over the weekend, two members of Congress — one...

Hey, Seattle: Help Feed Underprivileged Kids By Buying Marijuana

Origins Recreational and Gold Leaf Gardens in partnership with the West Seattle Food Bank, have launched a “Feed our Future” campaign that will run throughout the month of December.

Kentucky Taking Close Look At Legal Weed In 2017

Kentucky may have a fighting chance at becoming the next state to legalize a comprehensive medical marijuana program.

Why Even Jeff Sessions Can’t Stop The Marijuana Train From Rolling

The recent slate of successful marijuana-related measures at the state level could be viewed as a national referendum on cannabis. The "yes" votes cut across party lines and presidential candidates. Today, two-thirds of Americans live in states with legal access to cannabis.

Marijuana Will Be Legal In Massachusetts Next Week

Marijuana consumers in Massachusetts will not have to hold their breath much longer to toke legally. Exhale, citizens of the Commonwealth. By next Thursday, you will be able to enjoy the herb without fear of arrest.Massachusetts Secretary of State William...

Op Ed: It’s Time To End The Ban On Marijuana In Sports

In the last week we heard from NBA legend Phil Jackson and Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr talking about their own marijuana use and how they think professional sports leagues like the NBA and NFL should change their marijuana policies.

For Real? Newport Nirvana: Nation’s First Mass-Produced Joints

It has been reported that the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company was on the verge of bringing a new cannabis cigarette to market called “Newport Nirvana.”

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