Sunday, September 26, 2021


New Mexico Might Not Have Enough Weed To Open Recreational Sales

The legalization of cannabis in any state is not the end of the state’s challenges with marijuana.

15 Million Women Have Bought Cannabis So Far In 2021 — These Are The Products They’re After

Their market share, which in 2019 was 35% is now 38.2% and growing.

This Former Congressman Is Placing Big Bets On The Cannabis Industry

"I found the sector very attractive to invest in, understanding that it is currently developing and that it is still lacking maturity," said Facundo Garretón.

Why Most Cannabis Workers Are Returning To Their Job Sites Post-COVID

Working from home is unlikely to be an option for much of the workforce.

Which Market Leaders Will Make Up The Cannabis Industry Space Race?

The uncertainty leaves lots of room for ample speculation and hypothesizing. Here's what industry experts think.

Cannabis Stocks: Here’s When The Next Big Wave Is Coming

Regardless of legislation on Capitol Hill, cannabis will continue making major gains.

Delta-8, Smokable Flower Is Saving Hemp Farmers

The demand for delta-8 has been a blessing to hemp farmers who planted lots of acres in 2019 expecting a surge in CBD products.

Does Big Business Provide A Better Look Into Cannabis Reform Than Capitol Hill?

At the very least, cannabis operators say that the industry has made advancements so far without the efforts of Capitol Hill.

Seth Rogen’s Houseplant Says Goodbye To Canopy Growth

"This is not an exit from the Canadian market, but a chance for us to evolve the brand," said Rogen.

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