Saturday, November 26, 2022


Charge Them ‘An Arm And A Leg!’ — Florida Gov. DeSantis Takes Aim At Weed Businesses

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis thinks medical cannabis businesses should pay a lot more for the chance to legally operate in in Florida.

Why Are Marijuana Sales In Colorado Plummeting?

While the total marijuana sales for the first half of 2021 topped $1.1 billion, the state managed a paltry $906 million for the same period this year.

Here’s How Many Cannabis Licenses New York Will Initially Award

The Office of Cannabis Management announced how many cannabis licenses they would award, revealing how many dispensaries will likely open per borough.

Does The Cannabis Industry Pay A Living Wage? Depends On Who You Ask

Cannabis staffing companies are split on whether or not the industry pays a living wage.

New York Mayor Orders NYPD To Crack Down On Illegal Cannabis Vendors

"This is not going to be a city where we openly snub our noses and break the law. That is not acceptable," said Mayor Eric Adams.

Cash In On Clients Or Educate Them? Cannabis Workers Are Torn, New Survey Shows

Dispensaries often prioritize sales over education and the level of on-the-job training at dispensaries is notably uneven.

Nitrogen Infusion In Cannabis: Debunking Myths

Nitrogen has been an extremely prevalent additive to food products and general consumer packaged goods globally for over a century.

RICO Charges: Once Reserved For The Mafia Now A Familiar Anti-Cannabis Industry Tactic

To date, most cannabis RICO cases have been unsuccessful. Still, the process can do immense damage to brands.

Is This Guy The Most Popular Cannabis Content Creator In The World?

Meet Thomas Araujo, better known as Dope As Yola.

Here’s When New York Will Start Accepting Dispensary Applications

New York's Office of Cannabis Management announced that they'd soon start taking applications, explaining how the process worked and which people could apply for these licenses. Marijuana regulators in New York announced Thursday that they would accept dispensary applications starting...

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