Cali Ghost Town To Become Inclusive Marijuana Destination

A new marijuana destination is ready to rise in Nipton where the entire town was purchased at a clean $5M by cannabis company American Green, Corp.

Ann Coulter Uses the Word ‘Retarded’ To Describe Cannabis Patients

It seems Ann Coulter is willing to insult the vast majority of people by her use of the antiquated and offensive word 'retarded.'

California Is Growing Way Too Much Weed, And It’s A Problem

California produces 14 to 16 million tons of marijuana, and Californians consume 1.5 million to 2 million tons of cannabis. That's a lot of leftover weed.

Soon, We Could Be Buying Weed From A Vending Machine

Technology company American Green Inc. is developing a vending machine for easy access to age-restricted items, like marijuana.

Here’s What Scientists Don’t Know About Marijuana

We all know what marijuana is not completely understood scientifically. Here are find some of the most pressing questions scientists have.

What Are Marijuana Mannequins And Oregon Hates Them

An Oregon dispensary owner has been fined $3,000 for the marijuana mannequins on the sidewalk outside his shop. What's the big deal?

NFL And Players’ Union Looking At Marijuana For Pain

In what could be a landmark decision, the NFL Players Association is now studying cannabis and how well it may work for NFL players and their pains.

5 Brilliant Marijuana Business Ideas Killed By Regulations

We can’t help but bemoan when “robust” state cannabis regulations take the fun and creativity out of marijuana business ideas.

Walk-In Marijuana Clinics A Hit In Tampa Bay

The founder of California based Tetra Health Care has opened six walk-in marijuana clinics in Florida, five of them in the Tampa Bay area.

Should California Start Its Own Bank For Marijuana Businesses?

Cannabis industry businesses and professionals face more challenges—due to legal restrictions and drug stigmas—than seen in any other marketplace in the United States.