Monday, February 17, 2020


BYOC: Why ‘Bring Your Own Cocktail’ Bars Are The Next Big Thing

They're called BYOC bars, but you're not actually responsible for bringing in your own pre-made cocktails (we're way past bottled Bacardi mojitos, after all). The liquor is the only thing you're responsible for. Or as the Standard puts it: The point is...

Yum? 5 Easy Cocktails To Make With Pickle Juice

As the days grow quicker, so does my palate. And with the cooler weather comes the desire to drink lip-smacking beverages that stimulate my appetite. Why stimulate my appetite? To make the foods of the fall taste even more...

Your Ultimate Guide To Day Drinking

The kids are in school, summer is officially over, and Halloween candy is already on store shelves. It's time to forget this mess and do some day drinking! To help you navigate through the maze of low-alcohol cocktail options, we've...

How Well Do You Know Your Pumpkin Spice?

The annual PSL season is just now heating up. Know all about it with this quiz!

Liquid Kitchen® Presents: The Perfect Ice-Cold Martini

After a long week sometimes there’s nothing like a couple of perfect icy-cold martinis sipped slowly as you melt into the couch. Now I know that “stirred” in the land of mixology is the “correct” method for all-spirit drinks,...

What Your Food And Drinks Look Like On A $21,000 Flight Upgrade

Casey Neistat got a first-class upgrade from Dubai to New York. A $21,000 upgrade, to be exact. And like anyone with an iPhone who is blessed with good fortune, he recorded his 14-hour flight.In addition to a shower, turn-down service,...

How To Make The Cocktail Bill Murray Named While Bartending

Bill Murray recently gave the public another chance to fawn over him while guest bartending at his son's bar in Brooklyn.According to The New York Times, the actor arrived an hour late for his shift at 21 Greenpoint on Friday,...

19 Tweets That Prove The La Croix Obsession Is Getting Out Of Hand

Never has there been such a national beverage obsession since the Pumpkin Spice Latte.The spike in popularity of La Croix (rhymes with boy) is monumental. Currently the best selling brand of sparkling water in the country, La Croix contains zero...

7 Unforgivable Sins Against The Bloody Mary That Need To Stop

The Bloody Mary has sustained some unspeakable atrocities over the past few years. What used to be a demure cocktail made with simple ingredients has morphed into the Island of Misfit Toys. Outlandish garnishes, questionable spirits and unnecessary accoutrement have created an...

Yacht Rock’s Perfect Cocktail Companion

Cannabis cocktail wizard Warren Bobrow has impressed upon us a new favorite summer cocktail: The Broad Reach, another concoction he developed specifically for The Fresh Toast. For those unfamiliar with sailing lingo (everyone raises hand), the term "broad reach" represents a...

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