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Would You Drink This Bizarre Egg, Cheese And Coffee Smoothie?

You might grab an egg, cheese and bacon on a roll with coffee on your way into the office, but what if you could blend two of three together into one drink?

Ready to gag yet? Yeah, us too.

Cafe Giang in Hanoi, Vietnam, is serving a frothy, creamy drink that blends some of your favorite breakfast ingredients into one drinkable item. The drink consists of eggs, cheese, condensed milk, sugar, powdered coffee and some other “secret” ingredients.

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The owners and creators won’t divulge what the “secret ingredients” are, and I’m not sure customers would even want to know. What more could you put into this concoction? It’s beyond imagination.

It doesn’t look so bad in photos. It looks like an extra-foamy latte. Check it out:

It might sound super gross, but the history of the drink is actually quite poignant. Smile Sumo reports:

“It was created during the French war in Vietnam during a milk shortage. The country traditionally served coffee with condensed milk, but during the war cans we sparse, so Nguyen, who was a bartender at the time in the city’s Sofitel Legend Metropole hotel, whisked up an egg to replace the milk.”

A reviewer for The Mirror braved the drink and found it weirdly delightful: “I sipped it slowly, slightly surprised by its creaminess but fully expecting the sweet and the bitter melange. I braced myself for the aftershock, but it never came. I suppose we learn to build tolerances over the years, which means we should never really write off anything.”

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So this bizarre egg-thing has a plucky backstory and doesn’t taste as gross as it sounds. Just goes to show that you can find inspiration in the simplest things, even if they are coffee drinks whipped into breakfast weirdness.

[h/t Smile Sumo]


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