Saturday, September 24, 2022

Marijuana Legislation

Will Canadian Black Market Thrive Without An Inclusive Cannabis Industry?

When a government legalizes cannabis, they’re replacing an unchecked, illegal black market. But what does this mean for the cannabis industry?

The Fresh Toast Marijuana Legislative Roundup: Sept. 18

Maine released a draft bill for its recreational marijuana program last week. Find out about that more in our weekly marijuana legislative roundup.

Cannabis Use On The Rise, But Not Because Of Legalization

While cannabis use in the U.S. has been on a sharp rise the last decade plus, studies like the one in the journal Addiction try to get to the root of why.

Great News For N.H. Cannabis Consumers: No More Jail Time

N.H. cannabis consumers will have one less thing to worry on Saturday: Jail time will no longer be part of the punishment for simple possession.

Are Kilos Of Legal Marijuana Being Diverted To Illegal States?

There is little evidence to substantiate claims that large quantities of legal marijuana is being diverted to neighboring jurisdictions.

Finding Middle Ground In The National Marijuana Debate

For many voters, a politician’s positions and statements on social issues are a gut check, indicating whether a policymaker generally shares their values.

Bi-Partisan Senatorial Support Emerges For Medical Cannabis Research

Senator Cory Gardner (R) co-sponsored bipartisan legislation to pave new ways toward medical marijuana research.

This Marijuana Vending Machine Could Be The Future For Retail

Grasshopper Kiosks announced the launch of its latest series of ADA compliant Automated Sales Kiosks designed for the legal cannabis industry.

California Prohibits Drones From Delivering Marijuana

Drones can deliver anything but there’s one item drones won’t deliver anytime soon. That would be cannabis in in the state of California.

Will Nevada Be The First State With Marijuana Lounges?

Because of the way the law is written in Nevada, they may very well be the first state to allow cannabis lounges where you can consume weed on the premises.

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