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11 Ridiculous Products To Help You Smuggle Booze Into…Anywhere

Here are 9 ways you can smuggle your booze into this summers events while trying not to look like someone who is probably sneaking in alcohol.

Gossip: Guess How Much Beyoncé’s Maternity Clothes Cost; Kourtney Kardashian Hits...

The latest celeb gossip from our friends over at NG: Guess how much Beyoncé’s maternity clothes cost; Kourtney Kardashian hits town with 23-Year-Old boyfriend.

California Indian Tribe Uses Medical Marijuana to Dig Out of Gaming...

Native American tribes all over the country are now looking to the marijuana industry as a way to pull themselves out of the economic...

5 Winning Taco Hacks That Will Up Your Dinner Game

The taco is life's perfect food, so here ere 5 simple taco hacks to ensure your dinner is a tac-OH! and not a tac-OH, NO!

The NFL And Roger Goodell Aren’t Being Honest About Marijuana

The NFL stands as an undeniably American institution and if you reserve any doubt, look at Roger Goodell’s recent comments on marijuana.

This ‘Napercise’ Class Teaches Tired Adults How To Nap Properly

Your new gym routine could include 15 minutes of stretching and a 45-minute nap session under an “ideal temperature.” Get to work.

Arkansas Unanimously Passes Statewide Medical Marijuana Regulations

Arkansas unanimously approved rules and regulations with regards to marijuana registration cards as well as testing and labeling the product.

Gossip: Justin Bieber’s Top-Secret Rider Demands; Prince Philip Stepping Down From...

The latest celeb gossip from our friends over at NG: Justin Bieber’s top secret rider demands; Prince Philip stepping down from public duties.

TFT Wants To Know: Is Commercial Moonshine Really Moonshine?

With the boom in craft spirits of the last 15 years has come an avalanche of new-make spirits labeled “moonshine,” “white dog,” or “white lightning,” often...

Swipe Right On The Last Remaining Male White Rhino 

The Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya has partnered with Tinder to bring awareness to the plight of the last living male white rhino, named Sudan.