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Money Baby: Toddler Shreds Over $1,000 In Cash

Paper shredders and toddlers don’t mix. One of these things will destroy everything in its path. The other is a paper shredder (ba-dum ching). But seriously, try telling a small child not to play with something that looks like it came out of a sci-fi movie.

Leo Belnap, a 2-year-old from Salt Lake City, found an envelope full of money in his house and decided to shred it all for fun, since we all know how irresistible paper shredders are. Aside from the awfulness of the fact that these parents lost a thousand bucks in one quick swoop, it’s very impressive that a 2-year-old managed to work a paper shredder so effectively.

According to The Washington Post, Ben and Jackee Belnap had been saving money over the past year in order to pay back their parents for football season tickets. “I’m digging through the trash and Jackee hollers and says, ‘I found it,’” Ben told KSL. “She’s holding the shredder and she says, ‘I think the money is in here.’”

Jackee Belnap said that she instantly knew that Leo was the culprit because he’d been helping his parents shred junk mail and other documents. The baby thought that he was helping his parents on this occasion, too, which is cute but also enraging.



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