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Wedding Couples Should Know About This Aphrodisiac

It is summer wedding season – complete with stress, family and things which just go wrong….wedding couples should know about this key aphrodisiac

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes. Couples are diverse – young, old, same sex, different sex, Star Trek fans and more.  Even Rupert Murdoch has gotten remarried for the 5th time.  Science, Hallmark Rom-Coms and Bridezilla shows highlight the good, the perfect and sometimes the mess, but  the strain of it all can cause problems. Wedding couples should about know about this aphrodisiac to make the wedding time extra special.

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Marijuana has been an intimacy go-to for thousands of years. It pops up in the Karma Sutra and is used extensively in sensual tantric rituals, yoga, and more. It has been established across the world couples can enjoy both sex and cannabis. If can be helpful in many ways, including leading up to the magic moment.

The bible of women getting married, Brides Magazine, reported, intimacy is improved with cannabis is imbibed. And cannabis can lead to better sex. It has definitely gone mainstream and is acceptable. The other main resource is The Knot, which also gently suggests ways ot make the wedding and honeymoon better.

With bridezillas being on the rise, one way cannabis or cbd can make is difference is reducing the anxiety. THC appears to decrease anxiety at lower doses while CBD at all dose. It can also help with sleep leading up to the big day.  Healthier and less fattening than alcohol, it helps set a positive stage for nuptials and nighttime.

When it comes to the honeymoon, women have cannabinoid receptors in their reproductive system. Cannabis helps relax female muscles, increase lubrication and even intensify and draw out orgasms. CBD, which comes from the cannabis plant. can be just as effective in the bedroom, reducing any pain and calming your headspace. But the right THC strain can have you in another world with your partner and you don’t have get give a high, simply in the mood. 

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And with over 50% of the country having legal weed, smoking it isn’t the only option. Gummies and vapes are more discreet with way less smell. With gummies, you can microdose to take the edge off the planning and event. It might be something worth considering.


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