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A $45 Version Of Meghan Markle’s Wedding Day Dress Is Selling Like Crazy

Meghan Markle has inspired many trends, among them facial freckle tattoos and a legion of impersonators. A knock-off of her beautiful royal debut dress that she wore to her wedding reception is not the craziest thing we’ve ever heard. Honestly, we should’ve seen it coming.

Despite the fact that Markle’s wedding dress is, you know, a wedding dress, which isn’t all that practical, people still want to look as amazing as she did on her big day. Fashion Nova, a shop known for creating dresses and outfits inspired by celebrities, designed a lookalike that, instead of costing thousands of dollars, can be purchased for a mere $45.

Referred to as the “Royal Debut Dress,” this outfit is made out of polyester and spandex, materials that were probably never considered for the original Stella McCartney. The online store features the dress in white and black, and in different sizes.


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Although Meghan Markle’s original dress is much more fancy, Fashion Nova’s version is pretty cute and allows much more wearability. It’s no royal gown, which is why it works as a knock-off.

The “Royal Debut Dress” is being advertised as the perfect outfit for the winter, and it’s selling out fast.  You can purchase it online.


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