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WATCH: People Are Getting Fake Freckles Tattooed On Their Face

Is this part of the Meghan Markle effect? In December 2017, she made headlines after voicing her disappointment that Elle France photoshopped her freckles out of their cover.

Even before that incident, she told Allure: “To this day, my pet peeve is when my skin tone is changed and my freckles are airbrushed out of a photo shoot,” adding that her freckles are one of her favorite feature. “For all my freckle-faced friends out there, I will share with you something my dad told me when I was younger: ‘A face without freckles is a night without stars.’”

And now here we are, a time when people are intentionally getting freckles tattooed onto their faces to add another dimension of character.

Meet Bethany Woloski, a NYC cosmetic tattoo artist:

“I would say about a year and a half ago people started asking about them and it took me awhile to get on board,” she told INSIDER, adding that when she finally decided to try some, they turned out “really cute.”

She says she creates freckles where the sun would naturally hit your face—above the brows, the cheekbones, and the top of the nose. “And then I’ll kind of add a couple in between if the person wants.”

She says she avoids adding perfectly symmetrical freckles on her female clients because it would end up looking “like a doll with freckles stamped on her face.”

To apply the faux freckles, Woloski uses a “stick and poke” method, which is exactly what it sounds like, using a pigment that’s naturally broken down by your own body.

But she’s quick to remind people that even though they’re “freckles,” they are still tattoos that should be taken seriously. If it’s not done properly, by a professional, it could not only look terrible, it will potentially scar you.

Do they look real? Judge for yourself.


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