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Attention Beyhive: This Is Your Chance To Find Beyoncé Knowles

A few questions upfront: Do you love Beyoncé Knowles? Do you follow the Queen on all social media, refresh her personal website semi-regularly to check if she’s posted any new, exclusive photos? Have you seen the film Lemonade more than five times? Have you grown misty, teared, cried, or wept at a Beyoncé concert? Have you ever posted an aggressive number of bee or lemon emojis in the Instagram comments of another celebrity? Do you consider yourself part of the Beyhive?

If you answered yes to any or all of those question, then we have the perfect book for you.

Introducing Finding Beyoncé, a 40-page hardcover illustration book that includes various settings where readers must “find” Beyoncé hiding on the page. As the description reads, “Think Where’s Waldo but with way more sass.”

Perfect. Sugoi Books is selling Finding Beyoncé for £10. You can purchase the book on their website here.

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