Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Throw Hands: Boxing To Get Fit Has Never Been So Fun

Let the countdown begin. Ladies and gentlemen, sound the alarms and hide your cookie dough. Hibernation season is about to come to a dramatic end. It is time to start handing over burgers and fries for bananas and fruit smoothies. Getting your diet in order is usually pretty easy and somewhat exciting. Getting to the gym and making a difference there is another story. Mixing up your gym routine is crucial to keeping you interested and obtaining that body you so desperately want. What most people lack in their workout is change. Your muscles need to be worked in different ways. The workout we are about to walk you through will essentially give you the formula to Instagram body heaven. What’s the formal you ask?

Throwing Hands! Boxing is one of the world’s oldest sports and is the key workout to obtaining that beach body. Boxing workouts are Victoria’s real secret. The models we love to watch strut the runway once every year live and die by the heavy bag. Plus, have you seen Floyd Mayweather’s body? This routine is easy to explain and fun to do. Now let’s breakdown a power hour workout that will shred you to pieces and have every head turning in your direction this summer.


Round 1: Warm-Up Run and Light Stretch (25 minutes)

Boxing puts some serious wear and tear on your body. Start of your workout with a 1-2 mile jog or run. Get your body feeling warm. No need to show off that sexy body yet and wear some sweats to the gym. After you are warm, lightly stretch your entire body. Boxing works out every single muscle from head to toe.  

Round 2: Shadow Boxing (10 minutes)

Shadow boxing is a classic box workout that involves just you and a mirror if possible (mirror is optional). This workout is you getting your body ready for the motion of boxing. This technique is you boxing thin air (punching a ghost). There is no reason to go 100% either. Take it slow and just though the motions. If a mirror is involved, stand at a distance so you do not punch the mirror. We do not need any injuries impair you from looking great this summer!

Round 3: You And The Heavy Bag (25 mins)

Now that your body is ready, it’s time to start boxing. The remaining 25 minutes of this workout is broken down into five rounds. Each round is 4 minutes and 30 seconds with a 30 second break in between. Use this break to take exactly one small sip of water. Too much water will inhibit your ability to box! Each round can vary between just fighting the bag, hitting the bag as hard as you can or hitting the bag as fast as you can. I recommend switching it up each round. Remember, take it slow and learn to hit the bag! You can serious hurt your wrist if you do not take it slow!

Wrap Up

Now that your covered in sweat, hydrate and walk it off. I recommend doing this workout 2-4 times a week. Each week you will recognize your gains and your ability to go harder, longer, and faster.

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