Friday, December 1, 2023

Body Expert Explains Difference Between Meghan Markle’s Ex And Prince Harry

We can’t get enough of the impending royal wedding and neither can journalists from all over the world. So. Much. Chatter. The latest come from body language experts who are going blind trying to decipher  every gesture the royal couple makes.

Elizabeth Kuhnke is one of these experts who’s been working tirelessly during the wedding craze that began last November, when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced that they were getting married.

With Kuhnke’s analysis on the way in which the couple makes public appearances, she sheds a light on their dynamic and compares them with other people.

During an interview with the Daily Mail, Kuhnke compared different sets of photographs featuring Markle and her former husband, Trevor Engelson, and Markle and Prince Harry. These comparisons were done to try to find differences between the couples’ dynamics while also highlighting Markle’s evolution over the years. Is this analysis in any way accurate? Probably not. Is it fun? Sure is.

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Finding photos of Engelson is not an easy feat, since most of them are pretty old and Markle looks like a baby. We’re sure the engineers at Kensigton Palace worked hard to scrub the web clean of these types of images.

Kuhnke has a lot to say when it comes to Engelson and Markle’s body language, claiming that in most pictures, Engelson’s smile is forced and he looks uncomfortable. Even though Engelson holds Markle in a way that’s supportive, Meghan is trying hard to pull away from the embrace, with a smile that doesn’t reach her eyes. Kuhnke explains, “[Trevor’s] slightly splayed feet and legs give her room to move into his body, while her tightly held together legs show restraint. Her left hand shows no sign of tension, as opposed to his right hand which he carefully hides in his pocket, indicating discomfort. Her tilted head, which indicates interest and enjoyment, is in contrast to his which is more erect and pulled back.” Who knew a hand inside a pocket meant so much, right? Poor guy.

When it comes to Prince Harry, Kuhnke has nothing but compliments, claiming that his movements are “strong, masculine and sexual.” Ok, Elizabeth, let’s keep things under control here.

Kuhnke explains that while Harry puts his hand across his body for comfort, he still gives room for Meghan to lean into him and to get close to him, demonstrating compatibility and sexual chemistry. Kuhnke also claims that the couple’s smiles are full and reach their eyes, demonstrating true happiness. Or maybe, Harry and Meghan are public figures and they know how to be photographed. Doesn’t mean that they don’t love each other, it just means that they’re good at their job.


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