Friday, August 12, 2022

Gossip: Britney Spears Wants To Do Super Bowl Halftime; Kendall & Kylie Jenner Don’t Have Anything To Do With Their Clothing Line

We have our concerns, but apparently Britney Spears’ associates have had “secret discussions” with television and advertising execs tied to Super Bowl LII, according to a source close to the situation.


“Britney has made it clear to her team that it is a dream to perform at a Super Bowl,” according to an insider. “She has the hits package and appeal to be a headliner.”

According to our source, Spears could also be packaged with other big acts to fill the 12-minute slot. The 35-year-old singer last rocked the Super Bowl in 2001, when she performed “Walk This Way” in Tampa with acts including Aerosmith and ’N Sync.

Last summer, Spears was asked point-blank by BBC Radio 1 if she would be game for another Super Bowl show.

“Yes, I would probably do that,” she answered.

We’re told that the success of her Las Vegas residency, which started in December 2013 and will wrap at the end of the year, has proven the “Baby One More Time” singer to be commercially and emotionally stable enough to perform for millions at the NFL’s biggest showcase. Spears has also made the case that she can still sing, which has been questioned.

Well, you don’t have to sing live for the Super Bowl — so maybe Britney can pull it off! She’ll have to get that stage energy up though…no shade.

Kendall & Kylie Jenner Don’t Have Anything To Do With Their Clothing Line

Kendall and Kylie Jenner have responded to a photographer’s lawsuit that the sisters used his Tupac Shakur images without permission for their controversial, now-canceled T-shirt line.

“The allegations made are completely false and the lawsuit is baseless,” the Jenners’ clothing company said in a statement. On Friday, photographer Michael Miller, who took the photographs of the rap legend that the Jenners then overlayed their own images on top of, said the sisters “misappropriated and wrongfully exploited” his work. Miller’s suit added the Jenners “intended to exploit his photography, let alone obtain his authorization.”

However, the sisters’ company argued that “no infringement or violation of anyone’s rights” had occurred regarding the Shakur photographs since they purchased the images from a company that had been authorized to license them, Sky News reports.

“Canada Inc, the licensee manufacturer of the K + K brand, purchased a very small quantity of vintage T-shirts with performer images already on them. Only two Tupac T-shirts were sold before being pulled from distribution,” the Jenners said in a statement. “Canada Inc did not copy anyone’s image, remove any copyright notice from any image or attempt to exploit Mr. Miller’s claimed right of publicity.”

As Miller lawyer’s Scott Alan Burroughs previously noted, the photographer registered his Tupac images at the U.S. Office of Copyright and could receive statutory damages of $150,000 per photo. In a separate statement Friday, the Jenners’ representative Todd Wilson said that Kendall and Kylie had no role in the actual creation of the clothes. “It’s like suing an actor for being in a movie,” Wilson said of Miller’s lawsuit.

While the Jenners have faced the specter of legal action from artists like the Doors and the Notorious B.I.G. – the estates of both filed cease-and-desist orders and left the door open for possible lawsuits – Miller is the first to actually sue the sisters over their ill-advised shirts.
[From Rolling Stone]

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