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Charlie Sheen Says a Fourth Marriage Is a ‘No’ And Here’s Why; Zac Efron Takes His Healthy Eating To An Insane Level

Charlie Sheen Says a Fourth Marriage Is a “‘No” and His Reason Why Is Hilarious

Charlie Sheen’s days as a rowdy single dude seem to be behind him. He’s trying to sell his bachelor pad and recently reduced the price by $1.5 million. And when Us Weekly asked the actor about his current dating status, he said he isn’t dating at all at the moment, and he isn’t anxious to get married for a fourth time.

“Marriage again? Yeah, that’s ‘no,’ all caps,” he told the publication. “When you’re really bad at something, there’s no reason to keep pursuing it.”

As for dating, “There’s no place for it right now in the current landscape,” he said.

Zac Efron takes his healthy eating to an insane level

OBSESSIVE ….. A new report says that Zac Efron takes his healthy eating to an insane level.

An insider says that Zac refuses to enter a restaurant unless they have 100% vegan menus. And there’s NO exceptions!

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The star is also said to shame his friends if they don’t eat like him. A friend says his behavior over food is “snobby”!

Nick Cannon Shades Ariana Grande After Enjoying “Cougar Conversations” With Pete Davidson

“Last night I was hanging out with my little brother, Pete Davidson. We was in Brooklyn!” Nick shared when discussing his friendship with the Saturday Night Live comedian. “We were having some good conversation. We were having cougar conversations. I taught that young boy well.”

“I will take credit for it. I’m the one who told him, ‘Get you an older woman, man!’ I said that. Leave them little pop stars alone!” Nick shared. “An old woman knows what she wants! She don’t play no games! That’s what I’m talking about. Get you somebody older!”

“Them little pop stars, they don’t know! They giving Japanese menus tattooed on their backs from the sushi restaurant. I’m joking, but that is Ariana Grande’s hand. I think that’s even after she tried to fix it.”



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