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Corey Feldman Says His Marijuana Charge Was A ‘Good Ol’ Shakedown’

Reports surfaced last weekend that actor and musician Corey Feldman had received a drug-related misdemeanor in Louisiana. Local police pulled Feldman’s tour bus over for speeding and found the vehicle’s license suspended.

After searching the vehicle, police later discovered marijuana and prescription pills on the tour bus. Both were medical prescriptions that belonged to the crew and the charges were dropped when medical proof was offered. Feldman was let go after paying a fine.

Feldman later took to Twitter in order to clear up the situation. In a series of tweets, he described the incident as a “good ol’ shakedown” and recounted his side of the story.

Feldman also went on to claim the officers asked to pose for photos and called local press to organize interviews.

Last week the former Goonies and Stand by Me star reignited conversations surrounding sexual abuse in Hollywood following the sexual assault allegations surrounding Harvey Weinstein.

Feldman has previously opened up regarding the abuse he and his late friend Corey Haim experienced as child actors in Hollywood. He says men in power preyed upon the two boys, though Feldman refuses to name names.

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