Sunday, July 21, 2024

Gossip: You’ll Never See Daniel Craig Naked Again; Chelsea Handler’s Ultimate Betrayal Of Jennifer Aniston

Daniel Craig will be returning to play James Bond for one more film but now the 49-year-old has a new clause in his contract – no nudity.

“Daniel is still in great shape but at the age of 49 he doesn’t think he needs to be showing as much skin as he has in the past,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “We are still going to see Bond shirtless and in tight swimming trunks but the totally naked James that we saw in ‘Casino Royale’ in 2006 is a thing of the past!

Chelsea Handler’s Ultimate Betrayal Of Jennifer Aniston

Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Aniston are no longer friends, which means the comedian is now free to hang out with Brad Pitt.

“Chelsea never hated Brad for what he did to Jennifer. She always blamed Angelina Jolie for the nasty split. But now that she isn’t friends with Jen, Chelsea is free to work with Brad,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “Chelsea has long been a fan of Brad’s ‘Plan B’ production company and is talking with them about a few projects. Don’t be surprised if we see Brad and Chelsea having lunch together soon!”

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