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This Robotic Restaurant Has No Human Servers, Just Machines

Iran just introduced a new “robots only” restaurant —  the very first of its kind in the Middle East. Located in Tehran, the whole point of Robochef is to help “people become familiar with modern technology, not just to watch it on television,” owner Hossein Zibadel tells the Financial Tribune.

Hossein Kashani tells the Tribune “the technology could help eliminate the problems restaurant-owners and managers face on a daily basis” adding that “the new technology can help restaurant owners better manage their patrons’ requests as they deliver exactly what customers want in their meals.”

Robochef’s technology includes multi-touch “smart tables” that allow customers to choose their dishes, which are then delivered via pulley system directly to each customer’s table.

There were reportedly lines of people waiting to get into the restaurant when it opened several months ago. Check the Instagram video above for a visual.


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