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Gossip: Inside The Freaky New Instagram Fitness Trend ‘Alien Yoga’ And Ben Affleck’s Single Life

It’s called Nauli, but it’s apparently gotten the nickname “Alien Yoga.”

The position supposedly helps massage internal organs, strengthen the core and aid in digestion, but it also looks like simply a fun way to scare people!

To accomplish, you first exhale, pushing your stomach out, according to Yoga Journal. While holding your breath, you then pull your abs up toward the chest. Then you isolate your abs and roll them from side to side. “This Nauli is the crown of Hatha practices,” says a translation of The Hatha Yoga Pradipika. “It kindles a weak gastric fire, restores the digestion, always brings happiness, and dries up all defects and diseases.”

How’s Ben Affleck’s New Single Life In His New Home?


Not great! A source says, “Ben seems lonely and miserable in his new house. His friends are hoping he’ll find a new normal soon”

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