Sunday, February 16, 2020
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Here’s Every Dirty Little Secret Ryan Gosling Has To Tell You At The Academy Awards

You may not remember them, but here were other moments at the Academy Awards besides Faye Dunaway—not Warren Beatty, please stop writing Warren Beatty—incorrectly naming La La Land Best Picture over Moonlight.

Some other nice things that happened: Viola Davis delivering a powerful speech after winning Best Actress in A Supporting Role, Mahershala Ali being overcome with emotion during his win, Seth Rogen and Michael J. Fox singing “Schuyler Sisters” from Hamilton.

Then there was Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel’s pranking a Hollywood tour bus with a surprise visit to the Academy Awards where they met the town’s biggest stars.

It was cute enough. But the better part of it all? A meme was born. Ryan Gosling played along with the bit, shaking hands and hugging the tourists, including this one, whose shocked face inspired the internet to deliver the jokes.

Here’s some of our favorites.


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