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Watch: People Losing It When Meeting Their New Pets For The First Time

Depending on the person you ask, surprises can be great or really annoying. Pets are never annoying, so the people on this list have got that going for them. Be that for a birthday, christmas, or just a way to let someone know that they’re special, take note and follow the example that these videos provide. You’ll be everyone’s favorite ever.

Here are 5 videos that show how amazing a perfectly prepped surprise can be.

1- Adorable Girl and Kitty

This cute girl has no idea what to do with the cat they’ve just gifted to her, bless her soul. Although it is concerning how emotional she looks, considering that’s not exactly how happy tears look…

2- Grown Woman Crying Over Kitty

This video is long but it’s so worth it, trust us. It really demonstrates that there is no age limit to have a deep love for surprises and that you can still get paralyzed with excitement.

3- Puppy In a Box

This family worked really hard to surprise this man, having a few people take photos while someone recorded the moment.

4- The Perfect Way To Wake Up

After watching this video we’re convinced that this is not only the perfect way to wake up, it’s the only way to wake up.

5- That’s Not Even Real

We agree.

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