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How Do You Train Chubby Siberian Tigers In The Winter? Drones

When we want humans to run the treadmill in gyms, we place TVs with basic cable in front of them. This method usually works. When trainers in China’s Harbin Siberian Tiger Park wanted the chubby cats to exercise, they too turned to technology: drones.

But then a strange thing happened with these Siberian Tigers—they tried to hunt these drones. You know, because they’re tigers.


The rather chubby tigers played cat and mouse with the drone until a 2 or 3-year-old tiger swiped at the camera, a large paw filling its screen before losing signal.

The group proceeded to tear the drone apart, with one literally chewing on the gadget as if it was a bird of prey.

All this was luckily caught on camera for our amusement. The footage of the drone swooping close, delivering an intense point of view, is quite incredible. Eventually the trainers retrieved the drone when it started smoking following the attack.

This should serve as proof yet again that in the war against drones, wildlife is our best and surest defense.

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