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How Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Kept Their Love Hidden

It’s hard to imagine Prince Harry and Meghan Markle not being under the media spotlight, but there was a time when the couple was quietly dating and no one suspected a thing.

Katie Nicholl, the world’s foremost expert on British royals, sat down with Town & Country to discuss her new book, Harry: Life, Loss and Love, where she discusses how the couple managed to keep things on the DL and how Markle was different than Harry’s previous girlfriends.

Nicholl has written books on British royals for most of her career, publishing different best sellers such as William & Harry, Kate: The Future Queen and Making of a Royal Romance. 

She expresses that Prince Harry is quite talented at flying under the radar and keeping his business to himself, like Prince William and Kate. Harry used his usual set of tricks to keep his relationship with Markle under the radar and away from the media, taking scheduled flights, wearing baseball caps and dressing casually. Markle tended to visit him in London, where they could have more protection within the Palace.

They also spent some time in Toronto, where close friends would host them. According to Nicholl, Harry and Meghan were open with their inner circle of friends, who respected their relationship and helped them maintain their secret.

She also claims that Markle was different from Harry’s other girlfriends because she was older and knew what she wanted and what she had to give up to be a part of Harry’s life. Nicholl says “I think it was quite significant that she is older than him. This is a woman with experience, and I think that was a real call for Harry. Up until then, the two big loves of his life who he did truly love were younger, more inexperienced, less willing to accommodate everything his lifestyle brought with it.”


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