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Gossip: Inside Kate Middleton Birthday Plans; Kris Jenner Spin-Off: She’s Going Solo

“E! News” reported that the Duchess of Cambridge would be eschewing any huge festivities in favor of staying in.

“It’s just a quiet celebration at home,” an unnamed source told the outlet. “No big party.” Home in this case, of course, means Kensington Palace, where the source said it’s just her, Prince William, and their kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The Daily Star reported that there will be eight people in attendance at Middleton’s birthday party. It’s not clear whether other royals (or royals-to-be), like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, are among the eight, but there’s no doubt they wished her a happy birthday.

With Princess Charlotte having started school on Monday, this being a school night, and Middleton expecting royal baby number three to arrive in April, it’s not terribly surprising that she would prefer not to turn up. Unfortunately, the source did not reveal any other details about the Duchess of Cambridge’s birthday party, such as the flavor of the cake or any presents she may have received, so we won’t be able to live vicariously through the royals. At least not for this particular event.

However, also on Tuesday, pictures emerged of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle making their second public outing since they announced their engagement. This time, photographers were lucky enough to get a video of Markle waving, and it’s impossibly adorable. Hopefully that satisfies your royals fix for the day.

Kris Jenner Spin-Off: She’s Going Solo

There have been so many Kardashian spin-off shows that we shouldn’t be that surprised that now, mother Kris Jenner, is getting one herself.

“Kris is talking with E! about doing her own spin-off show. At this point she is more interesting than her dull daughters and Kris doesn’t understand why Caitlyn got her own show, but she didn’t,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “Kris’s show will focus on her life running the empire and also look into her private life.”

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