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Is This Why Kate Middleton Often Wears Bandages On Her Hands?

It seems we’ve all missed a very special accessory Kate Middleton likes to wear on her hand: Band-Aids.

Whether she’s playing with her kids, talking to press, or enjoying an evening out, the Duchess of Cambridge seems to sport some sort of bandage, either on her finger or hand. And it’s not just recently. The Daily Mail reports Kate has been photographed with bandages on her fingers since 2008 and even has the photos to prove it. What’s going on?

The Daily Mail has a bunch of close-up pics so you can really see what we’re talking about, but here’s the next best thing — Instagram!

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By now, we know that Kate loves to garden. She and her family even posed for a special photo shoot to promote the Chelsea Flower Show last Sunday afternoon. Per Buzzfeed News, the garden exhibit, called the “Back to Nature Garden,” was designed by Kate and award-winning landscape architects Andrée Davies and Adam White.

Kate definitely seems to be taking out her aggressions on plants.

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