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This Is The Least Popular Female Royal According To A New Poll

If you had to pick your favorite royal, who would it be? (We see you taking those £20 out of our pocket, George!) In theory, you might think it would be a heated race between new parents Meghan and Harry. But a new poll says otherwise.

The most popular royal in the 2019 Opinium Monarchy Tracker survey of 2,003 U.K. adults was Prince William with a 73% rating. That, my friends, is called a landslide. Even with rumors of a reported affair with his wife’s close friend circulating, his numbers are still fierce.

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Will’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, has a 70% approval rating, with his wife trailing 8 points with 62%. Will’s Brother Harry also scored 70% or higher.

And now, here’s the awkward part: Kate Middleton’s reported rival Meghan Markle only has a 39% approval rating. Yet, she is still ranked above the least liked royal. And whom might that be? Who do you think?

It’ Camilla Parker Bowles, the second wife of Prince Charles. She scored a measly 24% approval rating. Ouch.

We can all guess why the general public doesn’t love Camilla. She was, after all, the “other woman” while Charles was married to the beloved Princess Diana. Some say Camilla will never live up to the elegance and inner beauty of the late Princess Di.

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Kate Middleton’s high ranking isn’t surprising, either, seeing as how she’s raised three young children in the spotlight, while carrying herself with grace and professionalism. and as mentioned, she’s dealing with a potential cheating husband. And everyone likes to  sympathize with a person who’s been betrayed.

Meghan, on the other hand, is considered a spoiled Hollywood actress by some. And her public family drama, including close relatives attempting to smear her good reputation, doesn’t help matters. It’s also been reported that she’s unliked by palace staffers, considered a diva who doesn’t belong. She’s also made a name for herself as someone who eschews royal protocol. And let’s not forget she’s a biracial divorcee. Some people just do not have an open mind about these things, especially when it comes to someone in power.

But, hey, cheer up Megs. At least you’re not Camilla.


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