Saturday, December 7, 2019
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Jennifer Lopez Coyly Confirms That Her Love Affair With Drake Was A Publicity Stunt

During an interview with “The Daily Show’s” Trevor Noah Jennifer Lopez came face-to-face with the question, and her response was…telling.

After some lighthearted ribbing about how she didn’t know how much it cost to ride the subway anymore, Trevor got down to the burning question at hand, telling her he had something very tough to ask her.

“Genuinely, did you get with Drake cause you didn’t know me yet?” the host asked JLo, who immediately laughed and started blushing at the same time. “Let me clear this up. I am not with Drake,” she revealed while Trevor let out a giant “Hallelujah” that she’s still available.


Unfortunately that broke her momentum as it looked like she was going to keep spilling about what really went down in their relationship. “Maybe that’s all I need to say,” she added, realizing that she probably just overshared too much information already.

By a show of hands, anyone shocked? Surprised? Is there even the faintest feeling of incredulousness? No. Yeah, us neither.

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