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See Jimmy Kimmel Trick Kanye West Fans With Fake Yeezys

Kanye West has the biggest sneaker in the industry currently. This is pretty indisputable. Resellers mark the shoe with a $1,000-plus price tag on eBay—and people pay that much for them. The hype is very real with Yeezys.

So Jimmy Kimmel did what he usually does with these kind of cultural events: he spoofed the people. His crew bought a pair of cheap sneakers and glued on some fake fur and a compass, hawking them around to people on the streets as the new Yeezy shoe. What’s funny: The people loved it!

Some comments include one woman saying, “I feel I could jump higher in these,” and tricked one man into eating the “edible” laces. (He said they tasted good!)

Kimmel also recently spoofed HBO’s new show “Westworld,” a program where robots exist in a fake simulated Western and real people pay to live in that altered realtiy. The late-night TV host debuted another parody, called “Kanye Westworld,” that included bits of Kanye’s 2013 interview with Zane Lowe.

Kimmel and Kanye have a history, particularly with this interview. It was, um, memorable for many reasons: Kanye sermonized about the fashion industry, called himself “the number one rock star on the planet,” bemoaned leather jogging pants, he cried at one point, and delivered a rather frank assessment of all his frustrations about life and the entertainment industry.

Those who dipped in and watched soundbites of the interview labeled it something akin to a “rant.” It flamed this notion that Kanye was just being a petulant child, le enfant terrible if you will. Kimmel, as he’s wont to do, took a step further and re-enacted the interview with actual kids playing Kanye and Zane.

It sparked a huge feud between Kanye and Kimmel, with Ye spewing Twitter hatred Kimmel’s way, even making memes about the comedian. It was an all-out war. The pair eventually set down for an amicable interview, where Kimmel apologized for any misunderstanding on his part and Kanye delivered some stream-of-consciousness thoughts about the media and their portrayal of celebrity. It was kind of intense.

Anyways, let’s hope this doesn’t spark another battle between Kanye and Kimmel. Celebrity beefs have been played out. We certainly don’t need another one.


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